Policy Bundle

Mobility 2045, the region’s current Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), recommendations consist of policies, programs, and projects that reflect regional priorities and support Mobility 2045 goals. However, the construction of infrastructure projects alone cannot achieve the goals of Mobility 2045.

To encourage the development of alternative, strategic solutions, Mobility 2045 includes a voluntary list of policies that local governments and transportation agencies can choose to adopt. These policies aim to address issues that affect transportation in the region, and cover a wide range of topics. By voluntarily adopting 50 percent of these policies, participating agencies will receive an offset of local funds in federal transportation projects in the form of Transportation Development Credits (TDCs).

Round Three Schedule

Who is eligible to apply for Transportation Development Credits?

  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Independent School Districts
  • North Texas Tollway Authority
  • Texas Department of Transportation
  • Transit Agencies

MTP Policy Bundle Process for Transportation Development Credits Eligibility

1. Entity voluntarily elects to participate on an annual basis.
2. Entity reviews applicable policies.
3. Entity takes policy related action as appropriate.
4. Entity submits appropriate documentation to NCTCOG.    Request an Application
5. NCTCOG reviews documentation and awards transportation development credits to
    entity if criteria is met.
6. Entity submits new project through the quarterly Transportation Improvement
    Program (TIP) modification process.

MTP Policy Bundle Overview Workshop - January 26, 2018


MTP Policy Bundle Voluntary Measures Workshop - November 10, 2016


MTP Policy Bundle Workshop - September 23, 2016


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Sample Applications

Email: mobilityplan@nctcog.org