Trucking Industry Involvement

Image of truck blowing emissions with a circle and "X" through it.There are many reasons why the trucking industry should be concerned and involved in the discussion regarding idling in the north Texas region. 

Idling affects the air quality of the region which affects the health of the community which includes the driver.  Several cities and counties have adopted, in one form or an other, an idle restriction ordinances that could lead to an unnecessary fines for drivers  when there are several options to reduce idling available. 

North Texas Idle Restriction Ordinances

Several cities and counties within the ten-county ozone nonattainment area have adopted idling regulations.  Most ordinances are similar to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s (TCEQ) Idling Limitation Rule and are enforced locally.  Below is a map of the North Central Texas cities and counties where idling restrictions are being enforced. 

For a list of idling in the north Texas region, visit  the Regional Idling Ordinances page.
For a list of idling regulations nationwide, visit the American Transportation Research Institute website.

Map thumbnail of North Texas Idling Restrictions and Electrified Truck Stops outlining the cities with idling restrictions majority being in Tarrant, Dallas, Rockwall, and Collin counties.

Vehicle Idling Reduction Strategies

While burning fuel is necessary to move goods, much is wasted due to inefficient practices, such as unnecessary idling. The fundamental problem with idling is that some view idling as necessary to keep the driver comfortable.  However, it is possible to maintain driver comfort and generate savings without idling by considering alternatives to idling and changing driver behavior.

Alternative technologies allow drivers to remain comfortable and safe, save money on fuel, and reduce emissions.

Funding Opportunities

For drivers with few resources this can be an opportunity to voice concerns and identify where resources need to be allocated to address truck driver's needs.  Throughout the year there will be funding available for projects and activities that promote air quality improvement. 

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