Driver Behavior Changes

Drivers are a key component in reducing unnecessary idling in our region.  Providing drivers the training, resources, and incentives to reduce unnecessary idling will be an important step in successfully improving air quality.

Driver Training

Hosting a training session to help inform drivers and operators about the fuel consumption, emissions, and potential health risks associated with idling can be beneficial in getting drivers to actively participate in idling-reduction programs.  The following materials can be used to assist with driver education.

Driver Incentive Programs

Offering an incentive to drivers can encourage reduced idling among the driving force.  Below are some examples of incentive options. 

  • Reward drivers having the best fuel economy on a monthly or quarterly basis.

  • Have each driver contribute a small amount of money, and the driver with the least amount of idling time collects the entire pool.

  • Provide incentives based on set idling thresholds*.  

For example, assuming 8 hrs/night  X  20 days/month = 160 hrs/month, the following incentive structure might be implemented.


Idling Reduction Thresholds*

Employer Savings per month @ $4.00/gallon

$5 gas/gift card

< 100 hours per month


$10 gas/gift card

< 75 hours per month


$15 gas/gift card

< 50 hours per month


$20 gas/gift card

< 25 hours per month


$50 gas/gift card

No idling per month


*Thresholds should be structured to best fit the typical hour of operation and idling of each individual business entity.

If your company already has a program underway, please let us know about it!  

Pledge to Reduce Idling

Pledges are another way of promoting idling awareness and getting drivers on board with reducing fuel consumption. Pledges are available for download for companies and drivers committed to reduce idling.  Companies should encourage drivers to sign a pledge, and include it as part of an incentive program.  Send a copy of the signed pledge form to be recognized on Engine Off North Texas by emailing

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