High Emitting Vehicle Program

The High-Emitting Vehicle Program conducts regional programs in an effort to reduce emissions from on-road mobile sources. These initiatives focus on public awareness and enforcement of emissions standards. The North Central Texas region does not meet Environmental Protection Agency standards for ozone levels, and vehicle emissions are a major cause of ozone-forming pollutants. Identifying vehicle emission problems that may develop between annual emissions inspections helps get the highest polluting vehicles repaired or replaced sooner.

In order for the region to meet federal air quality standards, it is necessary to address on-road emissions. The following programs work in conjunction with other air quality initiatives to help bring the North Central Texas region into compliance with the EPA mandated guidelines for the eight hour ozone standard. The High-Emitting Vehicle Program is a part of the State Implementation Plan.

*Inspection and Maintenance (I/M)

Staff Contacts
Shawn Dintino
Transportation Planner
(817) 704-5605
Jason Brown
Principal Air Quality Planner
Chris Klaus
Senior Program Manager