Parking Events and Symposiums

NCTCOG coordinates regional training and best practice events to advance parking management knowledge among planning and development professionals. NCTCOG’s past symposiums from 2014 and 2017 also provide a resource for learning about best practices.

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The 2017 North Texas Parking Management symposium "Flexible Parking for the Future: Responding to Market Demands and Transportation Choices" was held August 2, 2017 at the Hilton Arlington.
The purpose of the symposium was to focus on these questions:

  • How do we build better parking for the estimated 10 million people who will call North Texas home in 2040?
  • If cars drive themselves, will they even need to park? What is the latest research and innovative practices in parking management?
  • How is parking evolving in response to changing market demands, urban form, and technology?

Event Program

Morning Seminar Presentations:

     Paris Rutherford, Catalyst Urban Development -- Parking: Myths, Realities, and Opportunities
     Reid Ewing, University of Utah -- Trip & Parking Generation at Transit-Oriented developments; 
     Trip and Parking Generation Rates for Different Housing Types
     Ross Conway, Gensler -- The Game-Changing Impacts of the Driverless Car on the Future of Cities
     Patrick Siegman, Nelson/Nygaard -- Undoing a Great Planning Disaster: Parking Policies for Today & Tomorrow

City Code, Private Capital and Shifting Parking Requirements (Discussion)
    Reid Ewing, University of Utah
    Paris Rutherford, Catalyst Urban Development
    Patrick Siegman, Nelson/Nygaard

Perspectives on Automated Vehicles and the Parking Future
    Thomas Bamonte, NCTCOG
    Ross Conway, Gensler
    Chad Snyder, Walker Parking

Innovative Parking Management Plans
    Tom Grant, Kimley-Horn
    Glenn Gadbois, Gadbois Consulting
    Barry Lohr, Sundance Square

Best Practices in Green Parking Design for North Texas
     Nicole Hays and Geoffrey Reiner, Jacobs
     Samit Patel, Dunaway Associates

Technology Applications for Smart Parking
    Donzell Gipson and Wendy Nalls, City of Dallas Police Department

Public-Private Coordination for Managed Parking
    Peter Elliot, City of Fort Worth
    Jacob Gonzalez, Carl Walker, WGI
    Paul Stresow, City of El Paso

This regional symposium addressed various parking related topics such as parking policies, practices, management, and implementation strategies. Local public sector professionals from North Texas communities, national experts, and developers discussed the challenges and solutions for sustainable parking in the growing region. The symposium included a mobile tour of various innovative parking pilot projects in Dallas.

The agenda for the symposium and presentations from each guest speaker and local panelists are below:


Parking Professional Presentations
    Rick Mobley, RS&H
    Cindy Patton, City of Denver

Local Government Panel Presentations
    Clayton Comstock, City of North Richland Hills
    Peer Chacko, City of Dallas
    Wendy Nalls, City of Dallas
    Nika Reinecke, City of Lewisville

Local Developer Panel Presentations
    Max Holderby, Vestar - West 7th, Fort Worth, TX
    Gary Mann, Trammell Crow Company