Facility Conformance Subcommittee

In accordance with the Texas Health and Safety Code, municipal solid waste (MSW) regulatory activities must conform to adopted regional and local solid waste management plans. The NCTCOG is the regional solid waste planning agency designated by the TCEQ to conduct conformance reviews of MSW facility permit and registration applications. TCEQ considers NCTCOG's review and comments of a facility's conformance or non-conformance in the approval process.

The NCTCOG Facility Conformance Subcommittee of the Resource Conservation Council (RCC) is the regional solid waste advisory committee charged with conducting conformance reviews for solid waste facilities and making the recommendation to the RCC. The RCC then votes to accept the recommendation of the Facility Conformance Subcommittee. This outcome is then forwarded to the applicant and TCEQ.

FY2024 Leadership Team

  • Chair: Patricia Redfearn, City of Grand Prairie
  • Vice Chair: Risa Weinberger, Risa Weinberger & Associates
  • FY2024 Roster
  • RCC Committee

NCTCOG Facility Conformance Review Process

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