Outdoor Warning Sirens

This page is brought to you by the Emergency Managers in the North Central Texas Region with the cooperation of the National Weather Service and the North Central Texas Council of Governments. The purpose of this site it to educate viewers on Outdoor Warning Systems and provide links to policies that cover the jurisdiction in which they live or work.

Outdoor Warning System (OWS)

The Outdoor Warning Systems are known by many as “tornado sirens” or just “sirens”. However, it is important to understand that the Outdoor Warning System is designed for all hazards. As the name implies, the system is designed for people that are outdoors. Those that are indoors may not be able to hear the OWS for various reason (radio or television is on, vacuum cleaner going, etc.). The OWS should only be used as a supplemental warning tool for individuals. OWS can be used to alert citizens of tornadoes, hail, hazardous material incidents, civil emergencies, and any other impending hazard that could adversely affect the lives and property in the general vicinity.

When an Outdoor Warning System is activated, remain calm and go to safe shelter indoors. Then, tune into your NOAA All Hazards Radio or local television or radio for further instructions. Remain indoors until the emergency has ended.

Outdoor Warning System Framework