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Governments exist to protect the health, safety and welfare of its citizens. Whether it be providing roads for safe and efficient mobility, utilities for clean drinking water and removal of waste, parks for recreation, or storm water management for protection from flooding, public works is the backbone of that existence. Management of public works facilities is a very important component of the responsibilities of cities, counties, and special districts across North Central Texas. The quality of the region’s infrastructure (its roads, water distribution, wastewater collection, and storm drainage systems) has always been a high priority and a source of pride for its communities.

For over 45 years NCTCOG has supported the public works industry in North Central Texas through publication and maintenance of Public Works Construction Standards - North Central Texas.

Public Works Construction Standards North Central Texas, Amended Fifth Edition (2023)

As part of the continued effort between NCTCOG and the public works industry in North Central Texas, the Public Works Construction Standards – North Central Texas, Fifth Edition (2017) Version has been updated to the Amended Fifth Edition (2023). The Amended Fifth Edition  is now available to purchase as a PDF file as well as a printed hardcopy. The Amended Fifth Edition updates the Standard Drawings, which previously dated to 2004. The Amended Fifth Edition retains the Standard Specifications developed for the Fifth Edition (2017). 


  • Standard Specifications
    • Division 100: General Provisions
    • Division 200: Site Protection and Preparation
    • Division 300: Roadway Construction
    • Division 400: Roadway Maintenance and Rehabilitation
    • Division 500: Underground Conduit Construction and Appurtenances
    • Division 600: Conduit and Appurtenance Rehabilitation
    • Division 700: Structures
    • Division 800: Miscellaneous Construction and Materials
  • Index
  • Appendix A: Model Forms
  • Standard Drawings
    • Division 1000: Erosion and Sediment Control
    • Division 2000: Pavement Systems
    • Division 3000: General Underground Conduit
    • Division 4000: Water Distribution
    • Division 5000: Wastewater Collection
    • Division 6000: Stormwater Drainage

NCTCOG will send a free digital copy of the Amended Fifth Edition (2023) to each email address on record as having purchased the Fifth Edition (2017). If you believe you purchased a Fifth Edition (2017), but have not received the new Amended Fifth Edition by the end of December 2023, please contact Jai-W Hayes-Jackson

Electronic Version

  • $50 per download
  • Downloadable PDF file
  • Hyperlinked table of contents, cross references, and expandable/collapsible bookmark menu for easy navigation

Sections may be copied or printed for internal use, but the file may not be shared outside of the purchasing agency.

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Print Version

  • $85 per printed copy 
  • 601-page document printed
    and bound in a 3-ring binder 

The print version is available for purchase online or from the front desk at the NCTCOG offices. To purchase with a check or purchase order, fill out this form and mail or fax to NCTCOG's Regional Information Center. 

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All proceeds go towards further review, updates to the Standards, and printing costs.

The Public Works Construction Standards North Central Texas is a copyrighted document and may not be photocopied, printed or otherwise reproduced, in whole or in part without the prior written approval of NCTCOG's Director of Environment & Development.

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Earlier Editions of Public Works Construction Standards

5th Edition (2017) – Digital or Print

4th Edition (2004) – Print

Questions or Comments?

As an ongoing commitment to the region and the improvement of the Standards document, we are accepting comments and suggestions for review. Public Works Council members will review the suggestions to each Division, and amendments to the Standards will be released over time. Please email your comments to