Regional Toll Revenue (RTR) Sustainable Development Call for Projects

Sustainable Development Call for Projects Implementation with RTR Funding

A total of $41 million is available for sustainable infrastructure and planning projects. RTR funds were specifically set aside for the 2009 Sustainable Development Call for Projects, which seeks to:
  • Reduce ozone-forming pollution from vehicles by promoting mixed-use developments through public/private partnerships.
  • Support sustainable, walkable communities.
  • Foster growth and development around historic downtowns, main streets, infill areas and passenger rail lines and stations.
Of the $41 million available to the region, $27.6 million is RTR funds available for infrastructure projects in the
Eastern Subregion. An additional $1 million local dollars is set aside for planning projects.

Types of Projects Considered in Sustainable Development Funding


An infrastructure project is a construction project that provides public infrastructure in the public right-of-way and can be used to support private vertical development. Examples include pedestrian amenities, landscaping, intersection improvements, lighting, street construction, traffic signalization, etc.


Planning projects include market, housing, and economic analyses, transit station planning, Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Planning, General Planning (subdivision regulations, creation of new code/zoning regulations, master planning, updates to pedestrian and/or bicycle plans, etc.), and others.

How Much Funding is Available for Sustainable Development

Infrastructure: $40M (80% Awarded)

Planning: $1M (80% Awarded) $10M (20% Match) $250K (20% Match)

Eastern Subregion award: $40M

Who Can Apply for Sustainable Development Funding


Primary sponsors include cities and counties. Secondary sponsors include private for profit developers or cities constructing vertical development, "acting as the developer" (required). Additional sponsors are allowed.


A city, county, special district, or a transit agency must be the primary sponsor for each application. Additional secondary sponsors are allowed.