CERTT Program

CERTT LogoThe Certification of Emerging and Reliable Transportation Technology (CERTT) Program was established by the Regional Transportation Council (RTC) to connect providers of innovative transportation technology with our partners in local governments throughout the region.

CERTT Fact Sheet


  • May 2022 – RTC approves Policy P22-02, establishing the CERTT Program
  • September 2022 – RTC approves Round 1 of engagement with cities 
  • December 2022 – Staff approves proposals from three cities for Round 1 technology
  • February 2023 – RTC approves Round 2 of engagement with cities
  • April 2023 –  Staff approves proposals from four cities for Round 2 technology


Current Round Information

CERTT Round 2 connected local governments with Swyft Cities. Ten submittals were received from four cities.

Review the Round 2 Info Packet for more information.

Questions and answers from our pre-submittal conference are available  here.

  • Deadline for questions to Swyft Cities: March 13, 2023
  • Pre-Submittal Conference: March 20, 2023
  • Deadline for proposals: April 10, 2023


Previous Rounds

Round 1

CERTT Round 1 connected local governments with two transportation technology providers: TransPod and JPods.

Round 1 Info Packet

NCTCOG received applications from three entities for CERTT Round 1 and has released the submittals to TransPod and JPods.